The IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) Catalog

The IT service catalog can encompass many things but at its core, there is: (1) self-service, (2) a ticket request and approval process, and (3) fulfillment of catalog items. The service catalog is central to connecting services to end user requests. It is efficient at fulfilling things that remain static for a long period of time and when those things are already in the catalog. Ask for something in the catalog and get said thing delivered after approval with minimal churn. But is that enough? Continue reading

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AWS and Google Price Cuts: How do enterprises understand the benefits?

Last week we saw another round of price cuts from the cloud giants AWS and Google. Google went a step further and launched a new price-discounting model that promises additional savings with consistent use. We will continue to see price cuts and new pricing schemes as AWS and Google cloud services continue to operate with high margins.

But the key question to ask is how are Enterprises benefiting from these price cuts? Do they really understand how much they are spending for each workload and what it means to them as they plan and analyze to move more apps to the cloud?

Cloud Services Price Comparison Chart

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Gravitant cloudMatrix Application Screener: The Answer to Which App, What Cloud

Web-scale IT

Gartner says that web-scale IT will be an architectural approach operating in 50% of Global Enterprises by 2017.1 Web-scale IT is all about the agility, the resiliency and the availability of applications. Additionally, web-scale IT is enabled by cloud services providers like VMware, AWS, Google, Microsoft, an IT organization or any combination of these providers. With so many different applications and so many cloud providers comes great responsibility in making the correct decisions. A wrong decision can lead to revenue losses, longer time to market and poor application execution.2    Continue reading

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Announcing the New

What can I use cloud brokerage software for?

As more enterprise customers use our cloudMatrix brokerage software, we recognized that our clients were applying our solutions to other problems, in addition to getting a grip on their multi-cloud environments.  Several of these use cases impressed us to the extent that we recently re-designed our entire website and added more content to allow our visitors to find solutions based on their roles within the enterprise. Whether you are a CxO, IT executive, IT pro, a Solution Provider, or a government agency, the new has a solution waiting for you. Continue reading

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The cloudMatrix Difference: A Hypothetical Examination of Moz and AWS

AWS represents disruptive innovation. In fact, AWS could be an acronym for agility, web-scale and simplicity. Those are the primary reasons why business units are choosing AWS over working with IT.

According to research firm R.W. Baird, AWS revenue will hit $10 billion by 2016.1 Many times, these business units are circumventing IT to procure, order, provision and use these AWS resources. In doing so, they create a situation where it’s hard to track assets, govern the ordering and design process and control costs.  What happens when you don’t get a grip on AWS? It can end up becoming costly even more so than private cloud. Continue reading

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Gravitant cloudMatrix 7.0: Embrace cloud agility and manage your cloud spend

“Is moving to the cloud right for my application” and “Am I exceeding my cloud budget” are two of the most common questions that customers ask. That’s why we’re happy to introduce Application Screener and Budget Management features in Gravitant cloudMatrix that help provide customers the answers to these questions.

Application Screener

Application Screener is born from analytics and a dynamically updated customer knowledge base. It provides clarity and confidence on an application’s cloud readiness, cloud benefit, and target infrastructure.

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Does Price Reduction Necessarily Drive Cloud Consumption?

With over 40 price reductions so far, Amazon has been very generous to their existing and potential AWS customers.  Here’s an overview of AWS price reductions derived from Gravitant’s electronic services catalog.

EC2 Continue reading

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Cloud 2014: The Industrial IT Revolution Starts in Earnest

To modify a phrase from Winston Churchill, 2013 marked the end of the beginning of the cloud piloting phase in the enterprise. Cloudwashing (e.g. calling virtualized infrastructure a private cloud) gave way to true cloud projects, companies began to spend money on IaaS in earnest, SaaS continued its rapid adoption and PaaS talk turned to action.

All of this has driven enterprise IT to the harsh realization that current governance, operations, service delivery and technology architectures will have to change to accommodate the cloud, or change will be forced on them. Business leaders (e.g. the CMO) will take their budget away and have less and less need for IT (with every SaaS subscription).

2014 ushers in a new world of opportunity for enterprise IT. But they have to quickly make hard choices, for the cloud will not wait for them to get their act together. It will disrupt every IT structure in the enterprise and make the CIO and the IT department irrelevant if there is no pro-active action. IT will have to operate like any public cloud provider, or go away.

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I&O Leaders: Create Change to the full IT Value Chain

The theme for next week’s Gartner Data Center conference, “Taking Charge, Leading Change — Your I&O Transformation Can’t Wait, is a real wake up call for today’s I&O leaders. Gartner’s focus on operational excellence highlights how the line-of-business and information technology (IT) management are being entangled by the fast-moving and ever-changing technology landscape. It also showcases today’s leadership challenge of how to transform that entanglement into an interweaved value producing process. Continue reading

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The History of the IT Channel: From VAR to MSP to CSB and How We Got There

From where the IT channel started to today, there have been many changes and evolutions. The traditional IT channel started as a marketing and service delivery arm for tech vendors, with the internet it moved to the age of the Managed Service Provider, and now with cloud it is entering the stage of the Cloud Services Broker. As channel partners (IT Solution Provider – ITSP) move to this next generation, I would like to dive deeper into how we got here and how the channel can adopt the Cloud Services Brokerage model to be profitable.

Evolution of the IT Channel

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