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  • Discover and Sync Microsoft Azure

    August 26, 2014 • Cloud Strategy, Featured

    Gravitant announces new Discover and Sync capabilities for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Azure
  • cloud compare screenshot

    August 13, 2014 • Cloud Strategy, Featured

    Comparing Cloud Providers: Trying to fit Square Apps into a Round Cloud?
  • Broker-Or-Not-To-Broker

    July 18, 2014 • Cloud Strategy, Featured

    Transform IT: To Broker, or Not To Broker — That is The Question
  • price cuts in the airline industry parallel price cuts in the cloud industry

    June 10, 2014 • Cloud Strategy, Featured

    Turbulence Ahead: Parallels Between Airlines and the Cloud Industry
  • a figure pointing to a cloud which is connected to multiple devices

    May 8, 2014 • Cloud Strategy, Featured

    IT Approved Multi-cloud Governance
  • Identifying and Prioritizing Best Practices in Cloud Security

    According to research by Access Markets International (AMI) Partners, Inc, 17% of the global budget for small- and medium sized business security is currently spent on protecting cloud services. As companies move more of their data and applications to the cloud, that number is expected to jump to nearly a quarter by 2016. While cloud-based …

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  • Automation and Orchestration Aren’t Enough in Multi-cloud Management

    Multi-Cloud Management Enterprises have been focused on automating and orchestrating workflows to deliver efficiency into their IT operations. Unfortunately, automation and orchestration are provisioning-centric and represent only slivers of time in the total service lifecycle. As former Gartner Research Director, Alessandro Perilli, pointed out on Twitter: “Most of the

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  • $ In the Clouds – Financial Management for the Cloud Era

    Most commercial businesses spend between 3-5% of their revenue on IT expenditures. These spending levels drive corporations to invest a significant amount in financial management tools. However, the use of cloud computing can render conventional financial tools useless. Why?  Simply put, cloud is highly dynamic. With its monthly billing, usage based pricing, and easy to

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  • Bridging the Gap: How to really become an IT Department of NOW

    I’ve seen many a fight in design meetings during my years working in IT for various Fortune 500 companies. The main contenders were always IT vs. the business, and the ending often predictable: business side wins. Truth is, IT is no longer its own business unit — need proof? Take a look at the increasing …

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  • The Role of CIO as Broker set to Expand

    In a recent survey of 1000 IT executives by Avanade, it was reported that: 90 percent of C-level executives would put IT staff in front of important clients in a consultancy role. And 66 percent of companies plan to expand the role IT plays as business advisors in the next year. C-level executives report a …

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  • The IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) Catalog

    The IT service catalog can encompass many things but at its core, there is: (1) self-service, (2) a ticket request and approval process, and (3) fulfillment of catalog items. The service catalog is central to connecting services to end user requests. It is efficient at fulfilling things that remain static for a long period of …

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  • AWS and Google Price Cuts: How do enterprises understand the benefits?

    Last week we saw another round of price cuts from the cloud giants AWS and Google. Google went a step further and launched a new price-discounting model that promises additional savings with consistent use. We will continue to see price cuts and new pricing schemes as AWS and Google cloud services continue to operate with …

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  • Gravitant cloudMatrix Application Screener: The Answer to Which App, What Cloud

    Web-scale IT Gartner says that web-scale IT will be an architectural approach operating in 50% of Global Enterprises by 2017.1 Web-scale IT is all about the agility, the resiliency and the availability of applications. Additionally, web-scale IT is enabled by cloud services providers like VMware, AWS, Google, Microsoft, an IT organization or any combination of …

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  • Announcing the New

    What can I use cloud brokerage software for? As more enterprise customers use our cloudMatrix brokerage software, we recognized that our clients were applying our solutions to other problems, in addition to getting a grip on their multi-cloud environments.  Several of these use cases impressed us to the extent that we recently re-designed our entire …

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  • The cloudMatrix Difference: A Hypothetical Examination of Moz and AWS

    AWS represents disruptive innovation. In fact, AWS could be an acronym for agility, web-scale and simplicity. Those are the primary reasons why business units are choosing AWS over working with IT. According to research firm R.W. Baird, AWS revenue will hit $10 billion by 2016.1 Many times, these business units are circumventing IT to procure, …

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